Rookie Runner 1st Blog Post Ever!

This is my first blog post of any kind.  I wanted to document my journey into the world of running.  It has already been an interesting journey.  I think I have learned everything the hard way.  I have never been a runner.  Until now.  Well sort of…  See the challenge??  I have been fumbling through learning to run for the last month, possibly 5 or 6 weeks.  A week or 2 into it I went ahead and participated in a 5k race, knowing I would be walking mostly.  That was a comedy of errors.  I learned the hard way not too have too much energy drink caffeine before a race or running.  And I also thought it was a good idea to combine that with drinking a lot of water minutes beforehand.  I can’t tell you what the start of a 5k is like yet because I missed at least the first 10 minutes of the race since I was in the bathroom.  After all of that I went to the start line and could not see a soul.  I thought about turning around and taking my race t-shirt and going back to my 14 yo son who was waiting for me and just going home.  I started jogging.  I didn’t deserve the t-shirt if I didn’t do it.  And I had someone who looks up to me waiting for me.  There was a time limit on this 5k because it circled a big shopping center.  So after running/walking 2 miles a van picked me and a few others up.  Although I didn’t get to finish the 5k I’m proud of myself for going ahead and doing it.  And my son was so proud of me for doing it that he told me he would run the next one with me.  The next 5k is this weekend (Woodstock).  I will still be running/walking.  Last week I started doing the couch to 5k program.  Since I have already been running/walking the first week of the program was too easy, so I skipped to the next week.  It’s still pretty easy.  If it’s easy again tomorrow I will skip ahead another week.  Oh, and another very important thing that I learned the hard way!  In the summer wear wicking socks that cool your feet and take the sweat away.  This helps prevent blisters.  Or so I’m hoping!  I still need to buy them.  They are expensive, but my feet can’t take anymore painful blisters.  Maybe they will toughen up some too.  Ok, runners need sleep!  One more run before the Woodstock 5k…

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